3 Most Important Stationery


3 Most Important Stationery

Invitations & Response Cards

Essential, the invitation informs guests of your Big Day. Send out invitations 8-10 weeks in advance to allow guests to clear their schedules. Response cards should be dated 4-5 weeks before the wedding if you need to make a seating chart ( more often than not, there will be some late responses ) or 3 weeks for a general head count. 

Escort / Place Cards

Often overlooked, escort / place cards are the most important stationery at your wedding; they inform guests of their assigned table / seat. A well thought-out seating chart can make a good celebration great! It’s worth the extra time to ensure guests will be seated at the same table with whom they will be excited to see, talk to and celebrate with.

Thank You Cards

Don't forget; expressing your gratitude is a must! Write "thank you" notes for all the lovely gifts that were received. Thank you cards should be sent within 1-2 weeks after the honeymoon.